90 Percent There

90 Percent There - Using Earned Value
As a Leading Indicator

The required work that must be accomplished on a project to successful deliver a product or service is represented by a sequenced list of activities.   They cumulatively reflect the lifecycle of a project from inception to delivery.   These tasks must be carefully planned and aligned in a defined sequence with established durations to gain insight as to the time it will take and the budget that will be expended in getting the job done.   Significant effort is placed on the planning activities to ensure a robust plan is established that can be achieved.   However, these activities do not always occur in the manner in which they are planned.   Often times, the project is fraught with problems and unexpected complications that result in unplanned deviations.   Even the best laid plans can result in major upheavals for the project creating a bedlam of chaos and uncertainty.   Whether the program is on-track or incurring issues that suggest a replan, it is important to have accurate insight as to what has been accomplished and what budget has been expended versus remaining to accomplish the work.   The Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is a best-in-class tool used to effectively understand both the variation that has occurred and the resulting budget and schedule impacts.   This paper will explore the history of EVMS, define what EVMS is, EVMS as a leading indicator of project status, address how it is used in an agile environment, and discuss potential issues or problems and possible solutions of implementing EVMS.  
Keywords: ACWP, ACWS, BCWP, BCWS, CPI, Earned Value Management System, EV, EVMS, SPI, PV,

Are We Really 90 Percent There – Using Earned Value
As a Leading Indicator
Understanding where you are at and how much you have left to accomplish is a fundamental management expectation for any transformation process.   Value, as defined for the customer, is inclusive of timing –...