7407 Unit 1

Assess Learners’ Needs

In order to assess learners’ needs it is necessary to identify the nature of the group.   This includes their previous experience, ages, ethnicity and any special needs.   Within this assignment, I shall identify a group of six students, describe, and analyse the initial assessment required to ascertain their previous learning and experience.   This will include an analysis of how, why and where the results can be used in order to inform the learning programme.

The group of students’ chosen are female and ranges from young adult to middle aged.   They are all white, one is Russian and they have been assessed at level one or level two of the National Numeracy Curriculum. The introduction to mathematics course is delivered on a Tuesday evening, 7.30 – 9.30, in a local high school. Most students’ live locally however a few travel from far enough away to be subject to public transport schedules and stoppages. Moreover, most of the students’ have children and have childminding issues to contend with before leaving for the class. Having a group with all females may help students to relate to each other and have an understanding of their life experience although some of the younger students may not have had quite as much life experience.   Although it could be argued that having a mixture of male and female students’ could create an environment that would promote understanding of different ideas and life experiences.   Moreover having different cultures within the class would widen students’ knowledge and understanding of different views and experience hence broadening their personal experiences.

The environment could also become a barrier as students could feel that they are going back to school.   This issue would be addressed during the initial lesson to ensure that students realise that their learning goals are in their control rather than the teachers.   Hence showing students that although the class is held in a school it is not the same as...