544 Lead Active Support

1.3 Explain how to lead the implementation of practical changes within the work setting to improve individuals’ independence, informed choice and quality of life
As care providers we have embraced the new person centred planning which encompasses the individuals rights, independence,choice, empowerment and inclusion. As a manager it is my responsibility to ensure my staff team are fully trained on the principles of person centred planning. We now have a different role to play that of a coach who helps and encourages each individual to achieve the lifestyle they want and make a positive contribution to their local community. It is important that the skills and numbers of staff support are adequate to achieve this end.Mansell and Beadle-Brown(2004) state that skill shortages can impede the implementation of these plans and Packer(2000) points to a strain on resources in terms of lack of staff.Magito-McLaughlin (20020 state that staffing levels need to be adequate to meet the needs of 1:1 working that are often required by person centred planning, as opposed to procedures within traditional services where staff were required to supervise a group of service users. They also raise the issue of stability within the workforce. They also note that direct care staff need to feel that they are effective in their support role, otherwise they may become frustrated which could result in them leaving the service. Such instability can compromise the success of person centred planning.
As a manager I must first ensure I have sufficient staff to support the needs of my clients. I make sure the staff are well trained and have the necessary skills to empower and encourage my clients to achieve their goals. I involve everyone in decision making and producing a person centred plan for each client.This helps give staff a better understanding of what is required of them and makes them happier in their job roles they are more able to effect positive change.
I always make sure...