503 Account

Effectiveness of policies procedures, training within your organisation that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.  Propose improvements to address any gaps or shortfalls in systems and processes - 503/SHC53   3.2, 3.3 Suggested word count 500 – 700 words

My well designed policies are essential in addressing discrimination and promoting a positive culture that celebrates diversity. Where necessary, I create new policies which are agreed and designed in consolation with union or employee representatives. To ensure this, all my relevant policies include:
  * I give example of what constitutes discrimination, harassment, bullying and intimidating behaviour including cyber-bullying, work related events and harassment by third party
  * I explain the damaging effects of discrimination and why it will not be tolerated
  * I state that any examples that demonstrate that discriminatory behaviour has occurred will be treated as a disciplinary offence
  * I clarify the legal implications and outline the cost associated with personal liability
  * I describe how individuals can get help, raise a concern, make a complaint, formally(complaints and grievance procedures) and informally(advice and counselling)
  * I promise that allegations will be treated speedily(including expected time-frames), seriously, confidentiality and prevent victimisation.
  * I clearly identify steps in the process(who will investigate, how this will be escalated if necessary, identify what other actions could result, e.g. no action as no case to answer, implementation of action plans rather than escalation)
  * I clarify the accountability of investigators(who, where possible, should be independent of the issue and staff involved), stabilizing the role and responsibilities of union or employee representatives
  * I identify requirements for documentation and record keeping
  * I implement the policy and ensure it is understood
I regularly monitor and review these...