The Five Year Plan
Examination-style questions

In the 1930’s the USSR managed complete their Second Five Year Plan which was based on socialism. By ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬collectivize farmers the economic increased and the wealth and industry arose throughout the state.

1. Comprehension in context
Source A is from a Resolution of the 18th Party Congress, 1939. In the years preceding the USSR was influenced by Marxism and the state tried to create a country with socialism by getting rid of the class difference and all men should be equal. Therefore the statement “victory of socialism” is used to underline the success of the Five Year Plan. This plan helped the USSR to fulfill their goal about socialism and its economic development.

2. Comparing Sources
The success in source A is seen from the politician point of view. It describes the USSR and its development as a great thing for the history and by being a socialist the author of source A is obviously happy for the outcome and will off course say that the Five Year Plan was successful for the nation. Whether the source is turned to the people or not the reason of this source is to encourage people to support the Stalin and his plans.
Source B is also a first-hand source seen from a workers point of view. He does not describe the Five Year Plan as such good thing. The first line is about being told from above that socialism will better the living standards and the economic but in reality you cannot understand the value of those things without seeing how hard there has to be worked. He also criticizes the restriction on food. Even though the workers worked so hard they did not feel the achievements of the hard work. In his opinion the money earned from the production went somewhere else than to the workers since they could not afford food. In source B we also see the value of food by the way he wrote: “..other foodstuffs are so dear that a worker’s wage for a month is only enough for five days”.
This also shows...