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Below is a chart that explains how children develop in all the different areas depending on their age
Age | Physical Development | Communication, Intellectual development & learning | Social, emotional and behavioural development |
0-3 Years |     * Children change massively in size and physical abilities   * Learning to sit up, walk, talk, fine and gross motor skills are developed (pincer grip)   * Hand eye co-ordination is beginning to form more in depth |     * Learning to babble and making noise to gain attention   * Copying words, sounds and sentences from adults and other items   * Using physical and verbal gestures to communicate with others.   * Learn about themselves (i.e. body parts) colour, shapes   * About others, I.e. families |     * Learning about their own emotions and emotions of others   * Behavioural skills like sharing, turn taking   * Making friends, enjoying social interaction with others   * Building bonds with particular adults   * Developing a sense of self |
3-7 Years |     * Hand eye co-ordination (catching a ball, cutting)   * General   growth   * |     * Learning about sentence structure   * Ways of behaviour and social norms (i.e. understanding why you say please and thank you   * Learning about the world in which they live in   * Shapes, numbers letters   * Reading and writing   * Having longer and more developed conversations with other children and adults   * Can recall parts of stories |     * Forming stronger friendships and relationships bonds   * Understanding correct behaviour   * What’s right and wrong   * Empathy for others   * Understanding the need and reasons for rules and boundaries and consequence of actions   * Can distinguish between fantasy and reality   * The want to please others   * |
7-12 Years |     * More complex fine and gross motor skills i.e. riding a bike, skipping, playing a musical instrument   * Begin to see changes that follow the signs of puberty |     * Begin to develop own...