3.1 3.1 Summarise Key Factors to Consider When Planning Assessment

3.1 Summarise Key Factors to Consider when Planning Assessment

There are many factors to consider when planning an assessment. The key factors used when planning an assessment are as follows:

Is the learner ready for assessment?

When planning an assessment, we must have a clear idea of what level the learner is at, to see if they are ready to complete their assessment. There are many way for us to achieve this. One method is the observation of performance, from which we can gauge their level of knowledge. They must have had sufficient time leading up to the assessment to prepare, such as opportunity for revision and reflection. If the assessor feels they are not ready, then they can intervene and guide the learner with feedback that will get them to the level of understanding they need for their assessment.

What are the learner’s needs?

Once we have the knowledge of the learner’s understanding, we then have to look at the needs of the learner. We need to look at their preferred style of learning, they may perform better on a one to one basis or as part of a group. To get the most out of their abilities, we must look at their strengths and weakness. If the learner has any learning difficulties, we will have to adapt the assessment to make the experience as suitable as possible. This will help the learner perform to the best of their potential.

Does the learner understand the process of assessment?

Once we know that the learner is ready for the assessment and we have an understanding of their specific needs we must ensure the learner is fully aware of the process of the assessment. They will need to have an understanding of what they are about to be assessed on, and the criteria that they have to meet should be explained to them. It is important that all health and safety policies and procedures are explained to them, and that they are adhered to throughout to ensure their safety throughout the assessment.

Planning a suitable time and place...