real talk: 2011 resolutions for YOU
1. SMOKE WEED! i know, it’s like against the law or some bullshit like that. you’ll be fine. roll some shit up and you won’t be talking, literally. JUS MELLOW OUT MANN   :)  
2. GET SOME! excluded from this resolution: religious people and those of you under 16. If you are not one of the two please, please, try this thing the world will forever talk of.
3. OFF YOUR ASS! it’s honestly time for you to stop pretending that you’re doing something with your life. YOU’RE NOT! so make you and those around you happy by having some initiative in life.
4. LOOK LIKE YOU CARE! we let you get away with those “bad day”s before. Time is up! step it up and take an extra minute before you come out the house.  
5. MIND YOUR BUSINESS! i don’t have anything else to say on this… just stay the fuck out of other people’s business.  
6. HAVE AN OPEN MIND! the world is tired of ignorant people— so just be considerate, understand others, and breeze baby
7. KNOW YOU! this takes a little more than others but it’s the one that’s the most gratifying.  
8. LIVE! Although vague, i think you get this one. just do it > if that means kiss the person on the right of you, sleep more, or finish that project you started 2 years ago. do whatever you want and LIVE IN THE MOMENT.