Homelessness in America 2011

Homelessness in America 2011/Prevention Strategy
Thomas R Phillips
Sandra Alger, Instructor

      The prevention strategy necessary to help my chosen issue would be primary prevention. If the problem of homelessness is addressed before it occurs this issue would have a much better chance of not occurring at all. Implementing programs to help homelessness before it occurs would greatly reduce the amount of people who suffer from this issue.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Across the country each State, County, and City should have a program in place to help with the homeless issue. Funds should be allocated for these programs without hesitation on the part of government officials. Government officials should go the extra mile to make sure the funds are available for a program of this type. This might actually cost less than dealing with the problem after a person or family becomes homeless.
      When a person or family becomes homeless, for whatever reason, it cost thousands of dollars to complete the chain of events necessary to help them. Social workers are needed, housing facilities, food programs, and a source of income to help prevent this from happening again. Without these costly expenses the homeless programs available would not be able to function. This is my reasoning behind stating, it might cost less to help them before the issue occurs. Some of the necessary stops for help could possibly be removed.
      One of the obvious reasons this solution would be affected is the lack of funding. This solution would only work if it is funded to complete the entire process necessary to help the homeless. Like all programs set up to help displaced persons, money will always be the driving factor behind how well it will work. If the proper funds are not...