105 Learner Support

Unit 105: Learner Support

“ Motivation is the key factor in successful learning. A less able student who is highly motivated can achieve greater success than the more intelligent student who is not well motivated” Reece and Walker 4th edition 2002.

At present I teach at Cassio College Hertfordshire in the Beauty Department. I am currently teaching level 1-class facials.
The class I teach, compared to other classes I have taught in the past are very ‘needy’. I find they constantly need support and guidance throughout the lessons in general and as a whole continually during the year. It is important for all teachers to remember students constantly need support. Not just during the beginning assessment period, or at progress review. Students need to be monitored throughout. This goes beyond the teaching aspect, it involves support emotionally as well. The majority of the students in the class I teach have very unstable home lives/ upbringings, which can cause problems regarding money, equipment uniform, stationery etc. When assessing learners needs it is important to look out for students who may require additional learning support. Usually any such problems would be highlighted during the initial assessment period, when the students undergo a skill builder test, and other assessment procedures. These will recognise any literacy, numeracy or special needs such as dyslexia. If a student is identified as having any of the above then a member of the learning support team will be assigned to the student to guide and support them throughout the course and offer guidance with work and assignments.
On one occasion ‘red’ came into the lesson with a filthy uniform, which obviously is not acceptable for a trainee beauty therapist. We had a chat regarding the matter and ‘red’ informed me she does not have a washing machine at home, and usually gets it done at the launderette but unfortunately this week she could not afford it. As her lecturer I feel I owe it to her to...