10 Ton High Quality Suspension Crane

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10 ton high quality Suspension crane introduction:
Suspension crane is electric traveling suspension crane, working on the roof of the work site. It is applicable to non-corbels plant, warehouses and other places. Suspension crane supporting the use of CD, MD electric hoist, widely used in machining, assembly, repair, handling lifting and other operation places.

10 ton high quality Suspension crane advantages:
compact structure, rigid, simple operation, low noise, safe and reliable, attractive appearance and so on. Our company has nearly 30 years of production and design history of electric suspension crane, has accumulated a wealth of experience in its design and production, and can also design and produce non-standard electric suspension crane adapt to various conditions.

10 ton high quality Suspension crane features:
Suspension Crane end beam device is located just above the span position of the main beam, connected with the main beam by single hole articulated plate, and its structure is mainly consist by channel steel, reinforcing plate and connecting plate welding forming, it is delicate strong.

KF CRANE is widely used in hoisting operation, for instance, factory, mines, transport materials in the fix span scope, mechanical processing workshop, metallurgical factory and subsidiary workshop, warehouse, material yard and power plant.

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