10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You – Bianca Stratford
Cicely Alderson-Hughes English Essay G16

‘In the Republic of Mediocrity, genius is dangerous’1. Thus the force behind every shallow, perfect, popular. Survival. Bianca Stratford at a glance is the epitome of all that is perfect and right with the high school world; pretty, popular, “deep”. But beyond the Sketchers and the Prada backpack what is she really – the personification of shallow? Or a desperate victim trapped in the ‘Republic of Mediocrity’ forced to conform to fit in – to survive?

Bianca Stratford is the embodiment of popularity, frivolity and strategically placed sun dresses. Everything about her invites the viewer to embrace her stereotype. The bouncy, blonde bob, the soft pale skin even the cutesy, light coloured clothes scream hey ‘I happen to like being adored thank you’2. However despite this, there is something endearing about Bianca’s need to be free. Her yearning to lessen her strictly imposed boundaries creates empathy within the viewer. Consequently when her father enforces the rule “Bianca can date – when Kat does” 3 the viewer is over come with sympathy that Bianca is stuck with a dissident sister. A probable reasoning for this is that irrespective of Bianca’s undoubtedly vapid and conceited nature it is clear that she poses somewhat of a relatable situation. Along with this, Bianca is also the kind of person that it seems everyone knows someone who is like her. Irrespective of how that person is perceived, the stereotype Bianca portrays can be easily associated with countless people with the same nature – The blonde bimbo/key player in the ‘Republic of Mediocrity’.

However in spite of her popularity it is inevitable that thoughts are turned to why Bianca became the shallow person that she is. Obviously behind her Barbie façade there is more than just the persona she depicts. Bianca and Katerina’s mother having left while they where young is obviously a contributing factor to Bianca’s...