Appropiation of

10 things I hate about you appropriation of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the shrew

Good morning teacher and students, I am here today to inform you how the film 10 things I hate about you has appropriated the play Taming of the shrew. Through the use of Taming’s characters, plot, social, cultural and historical values and themes, 10 things I hate about you is the modern and appropriated version of Taming of the Shrew. In Taming of the shrew the main themes included romance, marriage, money, and social status; these were also kept in 10 things but were slightly altered by modern language to relate to modern day audience.

For the appropriation to be successful 10 things has kept the plot and characters the same with minor alterations. The characters have been created to suit modern society although the personality and traits of the characters are similar in both play and film. The characters Kate in Taming and Kat in10 things are very similar, both are intelligent and independent individuals who only believe in their own morals and not anyone else. Kat quotes “Why should I live up to other peoples expectations and not my own”, this quote shows that she is independent and goes by her own morals. The character Bianca was also kept the same, in both 10 things and Taming she is the object of desires and usually the centre of attention with the high social status. The Character Cameron, is the modern and appropriated version of Lucentino, this character in both play and film is intelligent and in love with the object of desire Bianca. Interestingly in 10 things Cameron uses the exact quote in which Lucentino also used, he quoted “I burn, I pine, I perish” which shows his desire to be with Bianca. The language that is used by characters in both film and play is quite different, in Taming of the shrew Shakespearean English was used so characters often spoke with sophiscated speech while in 10 things I hate about you the language used is quite colloquial. In Taming...