1.1.1 Outline Early Years Curriculum Models Supporting Children's Care, Learning and Development.

1.1.1 Outline early years curriculum models supporting children's care, learning and development.

When planning the activities for the setting, focus must be placed on the curriculum in order to   ensure that all areas of learning are covered for the children in our care. The Early Years Foundation Phase is a statutory framework that sets out standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five. The framework is designed to ensure that the seven different areas of learning are included. The areas that need to be developed are;

- Knowledge and Understanding of The World
- Communication
- Personal
- Numeracy
- Creative Development
- Physical Development
- Welsh Language Development

All staff should plan activities based on the curriculum,   that help children to make good progress towards, and where appropriate beyond, these goals. The objective would be that, by the time they leave the care of the setting the children   should be able to achieve all of the above early learning goals.

1.1.2 Evaluate the relationship between theoretical perspectives and early years curriculum models.

In evaluating the relationship between theoretical perspectives and early years curriculum models, I have studied two methods for comparison.  

I have first looked at the approach taken by Marie Montessori.   She held the belief that children should learn with their senses first, followed by their intellectual side.   In her research she utilised methods from several other theorists, such as Rousseau, Pestalozzi and Froebel upon which to base her own theory.   The Montessori methods   require a good level of observational skills to aid with planning, this then results in being able guide and support the children with their learning and understanding, this is easily adapted in to the setting during the planning process, especially by the development of the relationship with our individual Key Children.     By following the   Montessori methods,...