Zhengzhou Foote's Innovative on Pressure Ball Machine

Coal briquette press is one kind of series briquetting machinery, with features of energy saving, compact structure, long working life, easy to operate & maintain, simple installation, favorable price etc. Coal briquetting machine is widely used in coal mine, mining industry,power plant etc.Coal briquetting machine can convert coal fines, coal ash, coal dust into briquettes for recycling use. Realize the innovation.

Zhengzhou Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. informs customers that when you choose briquetting machine, must check the company history and manufacturing experience. It is better to come to factory for checking equipments in workshop.The coal briquette press machine produced by Fote is with advanced technology, reliable quality and strong pressure, and is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises to establish a production line with certain production scale. It is used in material-molding in industrial gas, various coal boiler, cold coke, coal fire, civil coal, civil metallurgy, refractory, medicine.In order to ensure normal production and life span of the machine, it is necessary to use , care and maintain the machine properly.

When you are in market for the briquetting plant, contact Lisa without delay, detail proposal will send to you.With the continuous development of science technology power, it is also fit for coke, charcoal, mill scale, mineral powder, ferrosilicon, converter dust, fertilizer etc. The briquetting machine has features of energy saving, environmental friendly, high efficiency etc. Its good performance enjoyed by customers.

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