Some people could say that the journey is more important than the destination, but we always have to check its priority. See which one is the most important.   Sometimes we can try to pick a beautiful destination surrounded by decent things around it, but life always change things around which would make the journey the most important step.
The journey could be more important than the destination because we can always learn more lessons with the journey.   One example that is related to my life where the journey was more important than the destination was when I graduated high school and I decided to take one year off college.   After one year of not attending school I felt I could not do it anymore.   Without my boyfriends help I wouldn’t be able to go back to college and take an extra step. The diploma itself, one piece of paper that means so much was not the most important part, but the journey and the things I learned was more important than the destination itself.   What I learned from this journey is that it doesn’t matter how long it takes for someone to start something, but what actually matters is what you are going to learn from that journey.  
It’s is a fact that most of us “human being,” learn from our own mistakes.   Another factor that states that the journey is more important is when there is any story behind something we truly want.   If there’s a story behind it, it becomes more pleasurable than just getting it straight forward. For example, just like when we have a plan of becoming rich someday.   If we win the money on a lottery ticket, we are not going to care as much as if we worked for every single penny of the fortune.   The journey in this would be the hard work we had to do to get all that money, which would make us think more carefully about it.
In other cases people would say that the journey is not as important as the destination because even if we go through a...
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