Path to an MBA

Scott C. Robbins


July 30, 2010
Tiffeny U. Young

Path to an MBA

      After leaving the military in 2005, I began to wonder what I truly wanted out of life. What will make me happy? After sitting down and writing out a list of things I believed would make me happy, I came to the conclusion that job security, higher salary, and personal satisfaction would motivate   me reach this goal. The only thing I could think of at the time was that I needed to go to school, and after three years of hard work and perseverance, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in December 2008. I was satisfied with this at the time, but I still strived for better job security and an even higher salary.   After researching, I found that an MBA will help me obtain higher job security, higher salary, and great personal satisfaction.
      According to the Jungian 16- type personality analysis, I am socially cautious and enjoy problem solving, and highly conceptual. I am not sure about highly conceptual, but I do enjoy solving a problem or two. Not knowing how a MBA would help me reach higher job security was one problem I faced when deciding to pursue a MBA.   I found that “in 2009 only 3.9% of people with masters degrees were unemployed, compared to 5.2% of people with bachelor’s degrees”.(United States Department of Labor, n.d.). To be honest, it did not come as a surprise to   learn that the lower the education level, the higher the unemployment rate is for any given group. With the use of these statistics, I came to the conclusion that higher job security does come with higher educational levels.
      Knowing that having a MBA would increase my chances of having better job security, I now had to determine if a MBA would lead me to a higher salary. The answer I found did not surprise me. “Persons with master’s degrees on average earn $1,257 per week compared to those with bachelor’s degree who earn on average $1,025 per week on average”. (United States...