Your Mom

Dear Finney,
Thank you for reading this letter as I have taken quite some time to write it. How are you doing? I am doing well and I am as happy as can be. I hope you are doing as well also. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read.
I remember the day we were at the tree very clearly, and it bothers me sometimes. I remember pushing you of the tree and you breaking your leg. I am very sorry for that. Now that your leg is broken, you can’t play sports, which I know upsets you very much. I understand that sports were one of your favorite things to do, and I feel bad for taking that away from you. I’m hoping as time moves on, that you forgive me and we can become closer.
There were many reasons why I pushed you form the tree, causing you to break your leg. The main reason being, that I was jealous of you. I was jealous of you because you were in sport and popular and everything you did was perfect. That made me so annoyed at some times. After a while, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I had to push you form the tree. Not everyone knows really why I pushed you, and I’d like to keep it that way because that will show everyone that I really am jealous.
Now that I have pushed you and see that you cannot use your one leg and can’t play sports really disappoints me. I am mad that I pushed you and to see that you are upset that you cannot do the things you love. I can’t believe I would do that to one of my best friends. I hope that you will forgive me and I can’t wait till you can get tout on the field again!
Now that you have read the whole letter, I hope your feelings have changed. I hope you understand why I pushed you form the tree, and that I have suffered the consequences. I am sincerely sorry that it has hurt you that much physically and mentally. I know that you’re really starting to miss sports, and the time is getting sooner where you will be able to play. I hope things get better and I really hope you write back. Have a great day and...