Young People Enjoy Life More Than Older People Do.

We face the ageing society all over the world these day. Most of people has a long expendenty for 100 years. This situation ask us   how to deal with this situation that getting old or age is an extension of life not the fade-away.When it comes to the question you ask above, I believe that older people have an enjoyable life.Once we look around our society, there are many activities that the eldery does; in the way personal and community. They are eager to study even since they’ve graduated the college many years ago.The college so-called ‘the older school’ establish year after year in Korea.Not big differences from ordinary college that ‘young’ people attend.There are subjects the student are taking, and even various clubs, for example, marching band,dance etc. They take a course as much as they could. After class, they join the club they belongs to. Almost student in the college are retired people. Some media visit to the school while the student are taking a class. People in the class are very passionated to take a note and give a question to professor to follow the class. At the end of semester, as the real college student do,   they take an exam and turn in report. What great students they are! In the other way that older fullfill their life, they are joining an community as they do volunteer for their society. In my hometown,regularly, there is a recruitment to hire older people volunteers to teach their skills to elementary student after all the class finish.They visit to near elementary school and instruct how to write chineses characters by brush-typing,make a traditional cuisine, and even to take care of students who are waiting for their parents after working.This kind of activities could expose their skill to the child who will be growing and expect the grand child to continue in the future.