You Need to Say Something About Hammer Crusher for Goods

For the hard materials with big granularity, some lump materials are easily to crash into the centrifugal fan chamber from the hammer rotor chamber, so the centrifugal fan blade crushes materials at the same time of feeding, cone crusher supplier,accelerating the wear of centrifugal fan.   The main working part of the crusher is the rotor with the hammerhead which is made up of the main shaft, primary jaw crusher, round disk, pin roll and the hammerhead. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed and the materials enter the crusher from the upper feeding hole. After being impact, cut and ground by the hammer, china hammer crusher, materials are crushed completely. There is a screening board installed at the bottom of the rotor. Materials with the particle size smaller than the screen holes will be discharged from the screening board. When the material into the crushing chamber, in the first paragraph of the rotating ring impact crusher crushing. In the second paragraph, beginning of crushed particles fall on the sieve, impact breaker, squeezing further broken by the broken ring, china dryer,and discharged through the sieve. A small amount of material that can not be broken into scrap chamber is then periodically removed from the waste chamber. In the course of hammer crusher work, the hammer head not only hit by hammer head, but also hit by the material; coupled with long hours of work, the appearance of the hammer head would be damaged and the surface shape will change also. When you are ready to buy a hammer crusher, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the design structure and product quality of hammer head. Knowing the hardness of the materials is also necessary, after all, the higher material hardness, the higher demand of the hammer head.hammer mill crusher: