‘Our fantasies can be more powerful than our reality’.
Fantasies are false realities that are solely for the purpose to alter our current realities. People can become so warped in these fantasies that it can ultimately lead to their demise. Part of the physiological behaviour is to relax the body in cases of strife even if it meant to ignore reality.   The play “Death of a salesman” is set in the world where people are forced to accept an illusion as a reality. Willy loman the protagonist believes in that as well as only the “well liked” will become wealthy. In order to achieve something in life we must break free of the shackles of fantasies and illusions. Biff Loman the son of Willy develops in a way where he is forced to escape from his father’s teachings and is finally able to move on in his life.
The American Dream stands for the wealthy and successful but those who believe in it are often lost within that dream. Willy Loman becomes lost for his obsession of wealth and wants to leave his mark in the world as a great salesman. He idolised his brother ben whose biography becomes a reoccurring theme throughout the play through Willy’s imagination. “When I was seventeen I walked into the jungle and when I twenty once I walked out. And by god I was rich”. Those words became the illusion that Willy had adopted throughout his life and because of that he believed that anyone could obtain wealthyness as long as they showed masculinity rather than working for it. He is duped around this thought as he had no other male role model in his life due to the absence of his father in his early childhood. He pretends to go to work driving the long kilometres to only think that others will think of him as a successful man. But cannot come to terms with the truth as Willy continues to uphold the illusion of his success does not come to terms that he is failing as a salesman. “Im very well liked in hartford. You know the trouble is, Linda, people don’t seem to take to me”. His...