Yeh Boi


Belonging, how would you define it? Is it something that is built in us, or something we have to go searching for? I believe it is something that makes you who you are in this world, something that can either make you or destroy you. We all have a drive to belong, but finding were we truly belong is a tough game. This is shown in the prescribed texts ‘immigrant chronicles’, a set of poems by Peter Skrzynecki and his battle in migrating to Australia. It is also shown in a newspaper article by John Gibson, Published on October 13 2007, as well as an extract from a biography of Wendell Sailor.
Skrzynecki migrates from Poland, and tells of his home life in ’10 Mary Street’. The house has both literal and symbolic significance. It is what you would expect a migrant family may choose to live in, with its semi – industrial location. ‘China blue coat’ reveals its fragility. The garden is symbolic of a place were the Skrzyneckis belong. It conveys a rich and positive image of life, growth and nurture. The simile ‘tended roses like adopted children’ reveals the poets positive perspective of his parents, deep love and admiration.
Sailor describes his time in rugby league as ‘mind-blowing’. He was a Torres Strait Islander and came to rugby league chasing his dream. However he tells of the obstacles and barriers of him trying to achieve this, which was trying to find a place, were he could belong. He felt like an outsider, being the only ‘black man’ in the club. He uses the simile, ‘it felt like a stood out like a sore toe at first, but after one gathering, the ‘sore toe became healed, and I was back living again.
Bill gates needed somewhere to belong, and the school computer room was it. To belong, he not only did computing but made ‘deals to keep the club in businesses. For Gates it was never about money, it was a need for a place to belong and play. ‘All billionaires have struggled at home or in school one way or another, experienced...