Ww1 Source Analysis

Modern History – Assessment Task 1
World War 1 Source Analysis

1. Use Sources A and B and your own knowledge.
How successful were the Allies and the Germans in using technology to break the stalemate on the Western front?   (6 marks)
Both the Allies and the Germans introduced new technologies in an attempt to break the stalemate on the Western Front. Source A is a photograph featuring ‘A Trench Scene’. Trenches were the greatest piece of technology used in the war, represented in the source is a group of soldiers holding rifles, however rifles were an unsuccessful attempt at breaking the stalemate on the Western Front as they needed regular maintenance to perform properly. Poison Gas was introduced throughout the duration of the stalemate; Gas was first by the enforced by German’s in 1915. Poison Gas was intended to force the soldiers from their trenches and lead them to their death, however this introduction of new technology was unsuccessful as the Allies soon after introduced masks for the horses and soldiers protection. Source B is an extract from the First World War by John Keegan; the extract holds in-depth information about the introduction of army tanks during the attack of Cambrai in World War 1. The tanks main uses were “intended to break through all (German Lines) in a single bound on the first day.” – John Keegan. British defence lines succeeded in forcefully pushing the enemy back 8 kilometres. Only in 1917 with new commanders such as the German commanders Hindenburg and Ludendorff who used new technology and new tactics such as the Napoleonic tactics and the introduction of planes was it that enabled a successful breakthrough of the stalemate.

2. How useful would Sources A and B be for a historian studying the impact of new technology in breaking the stalemate on the Western Front? In your answer consider the perspectives provided by the TWO sources and the reliability of each one. (10 Marks)
Source A is a primary source, it is a photograph...