DESCRIPTION: Below are the guidelines/descriptions / contents of each chapter. Please read, understand, and follow it in making your document for the SOFTWEN project.

      1.1 Background of the Study
  * Importance of computer applications (effects of computerization and its advantages)
  * Review of Related Studies
  * Company Profile and History (5 W’s and 1 H)
  * Overview of the existing system in general (about the existing system. so that we can conclude the problems)
  * Physical description of the establishment
  * What are you proposing? (title, purpose and functions)

      1.2 Statement of the problem
  * Either in question form or as an active voice form
  * Uses words (adjectives) which states the problem of the system and not problems of the people within the system
  * Justification should focus on the explanation of the problems on transactions
1.2.1 General Problem
A single paragraph describing the general problem
1.2.2 Specific Problems
A list of problems found in the existing system. Each problem must be justified. (system problems only)

      1.3 Objectives of the study
        1.4.1 General Objective
A single paragraph describing the general objective of the thesis project
        1.4.2 Specific Objectives
  * Contain a list of the specific work that the proponents expect to address to arrive at the accomplishment of the general objective
      * Uses words (adjectives) that are opposite of those used in the Problem Statement
(Footer font size 10)

      1.4 Significance of the Study
  * Should point out the importance of the proposed system
  * Should convince the reader that there is a need to develop the project.
  * Should discuss the beneficiaries and their benefits from the proposed system
(1st paragraph is all about the general significance of the study. Why are you proposing?)
(2nd enumerate the beneficiaries in bullet form then, justify what are the...