Wrongfull Conviction

Does Humiliation Work
Yes I agree with the Ohio Order of humiliation for dui, which is also called shaming. Humiliations when you hurt someone feelings, embarrassed them. For one thing humiliation can be done to change someone and to make them non repeaters of crime. If an offender commits breaks the law they should be humiliated especially if this is there first time. This may sway them for doing it again .In Albany Georgia if you are convicted of domestic violence you are photograph and put in the News Paper. Another town called Daniel, Alvin was convicted of theft for running a bogus fund- raiser. The judge orders him to wear a sign that said I was convicted of theft, and he had to wear it down town next to the court house. Public shaming will scare others not to break a law. This public shaming can turn others around. Public shaming order by a judge can make lose your job, new jobs, family, and friend. It will also let people know you’re a liar, theft, sex offender, dui.   Posting DUI offenders in the new paper is a good idea. Because it lets the community knows that a drunk driver was amongst us, and let us know they a drink and drive. This will embarrass families and your repartition. Not only will this teach the wrongdoers a valuable lesson through embarrassment and humiliation. Deterrence with humiliation punishment can be very helpful. Rather than imprison them there should be an order of humiliation as long it’s not murder are rape. Their paper called Mug shot which has criminals that has been convicted of a crime. They are posted in the paper and details of what they commit.     Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (2014) stated Public humiliation was done years ago, somewhere more harsh then today. It’s a waste of time place perpetrators on probation or imprisons them and the waste of money when you should go ahead humiliate them and order them to pay for the courts time.   According to The Huffington Post, (2014) states that ,
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