Analysis to the Characters of Oliver Twist

Thesis statement:In this composition, I will share my views on the analyzing forOliver Twist and its relationship with the characters in the work.
I.     Introduction
II.   Charles Dickens
  A. The briefly statement of novel in Mid 19th
  B. Brief introduction
III.Oliver Twist
  A.Purpose Dickens writes Oliver Twist
    1. Original
    2. Purpose
    3. Environment
    1. Description
IV.   Fagin
  A. Fagin and his den
  B. Origin the ‘Jew’
    1. The principle of Good
    2. Anti-Jew
V.     Nancy
  A. complaint
VI.   Conclusion
Abstract:   Charles Dickens is one of the greatest critical realists in English literature history. Oliver Twist is his masterpiece. It is Dickens’ favorite novel. The typical characteristic of the structure of “Oliver Twist” is multiunit-integer. This paper takes Oliver Twist as an example to expound the structure of multiunit-integer in Dickens’ novels. Firstly, Dickens spends most of his energies on Oliver Twist, so there must be certain writing background, writing purposes and characters for Oliver Twist. Secondly, multiunit-integer has its own definition and features. The typical of the structure of Dickens’ novels is multiunit-integer. The multiunit-integral structure experiences a period of evolution. The forming of the multiunit-integral structure has certain reasons. In a word, the multiunit-integral structure conforms to the reality of Dickens’ novels, so it is successful. On all accounts, this paper will make the readers have a deeper understanding of the structure of Dickens’ novels and make it convenient for people to appreciate Dickens’ novels. Meanwhile, I hope my paper could cast a brick to attract jade for people who are working on the study of Dickens’ novels.
Keyword:   critical   masterpiece   multiunit-integer   structure

I. Introduction

  Charles Dickens' protagonist in OliverTwist is good from birth and who stays...