World Mythology

Amar and Sudio
Kimberly C. Brown
December 22, 2011
William Huddleston

Amar and Sudio
At the beginning of time, millions of years ago, in a land called Haiku, there was nothing but land as far as the eye could see. One day, not for any particular reason, thousands of seeds fell from the sky. The seeds fell from such a distance and with such force that on impact with the land, they planted themselves. After several days and nights of rain, the seeds began to grow. The seeds grew into beautiful colorful flowers. Out of all of the flowers that bloomed, one of them grew bigger and more beautiful than the rest. It sat by itself on the top of the highest hill in Haiku. On the fourth day after blooming, the bigger more beautiful flower fell off of its stem. When it fell off of its stem, it turned in on itself and began rolling down the hill. The flower rolled down the hill for 14 days until it reached the bottom. What rose from the bottom of the hill was no longer a flower, but now a woman. Her name was Amar. Amar’s beauty as a flower still remained in her human form. Not only was she beautiful to anyone that looked upon her, but her spirit was even more beautiful. Her spirit was so beautiful and immense; it could be seen without her even uttering a word.
Amar took the next several months and spread her beauty and spirit across all of the land. In doing this, she created the heavens, the waters, the green life and the animals. Everything was magnificent. Amar was a bit exhausted from her hard work, so she slept for almost a week. Once she awoke from her deep sleep, she looked at what she had done and decided there was something missing.
She was walking and thinking trying to figure out what was missing. As she walked through the flowers all around her, there was one in particular that caught her eye. She had a great admiration and longing for the flower. She got closer to the flower and reached out to touch it with her right hand.   Once she touched it,...