Working with Other Proffessionals

In my role as a tutor and advisor we are working with other professionals on a constant basis, from the moment we engage new clients until they leave us at the end of the course or program. And in some cases we are tasked to monitor them for 13 weeks after the course.
Our learners are directed by the DWP to attend our courses and programs, during these courses and programs we are constantly in contact with their advisors, discussing their individual needs and collaborating with them to give them the best package. Also updating the advisor to progress made and or any problems that we are able to share.
We also work and support people from dis-advantaged or troubled families, doing this brings me into contact with many different professionals, including Mental Health workers, Support workers and Employers. While I am communicating with these other professionals I have to carry myself in my usual professional manner, with honesty and integrity, not forgetting that I am acting on behalf of my company.
We deliver courses such as Health and Safety and I act as an invigilator, overseeing the   RSPH exam, where we are governed by certain rules such as making sure there are no disturbances and papers are not tampered with, as they are externally marked and verified, I have to ensure all the correct paperwork is signed and the correct information is put on the individual documents, before it is sealed and posted off to the external verifier.
The City and Guilds package is different as the exams are scored by the computer , but we still have to adhere to exam rules and send the proper documents filled correctly with start and finish times, I myself do not directly deal with any external verifier,   but our   operations manager acts as the IQA for our company and it is his job ensure that the guidelines sent out by the scheme owners such as having the appropriate trained staff are met by the centre so that we can deliver the appropriate qualification and making sure that the...