Working Out Comission


To work out staff commission for the previous week you will need:
  * A copy of last weeks salesperson report
  * A list of the hours they worked supplied by management
  * A copy of the commission structure
  * A calculator

On a separate piece of paper write down each staff member.
First you will need to work out their productivity per hour. You must divide the total amount they made by the amount of hours they worked.

E.g. Joe Bloggs worked 32 hours last week and made £6000. £6000 ÷ 32 = £187.5 p/h

Once you have worked out the productivity take the commission sheet and find the nearest amount in whole pounds. This will tell you the amount of commission earned. This will be the store not hitting target column which is the base rate for commission as extra commission is only paid if the store hits target for the month.
You must be careful to look at the correct chart so as to ascertain the correct amount for people working more than 30 hours or less than 30 hours.

E.g. Joe Bloggs made £187.5 per hour last week which corresponds to £185 per hour on the commission table. He worked more than 30 hours so his commission per hour would be £2.10.
Joanne Bloggs (no relation) made £2250 last week over 12 hours. Her productivity will also be £187.5. As she worked less than 30 hours her commission will be £1.80 per hour.

To work out their total commission for the week you multiply their commission per hour by the hours they worked.

E.g. 32 x 2.10 = 67.2 so Joe Bloggs’ total commission for last week was £67.20
And 12 x 1.8 = 21.6 so Joanne Bloggs total commission for last week was £21.60

When you have worked out the commission for each individual write them in order on the bottom of the sales person report from highest productivity to lowest productivity. Next to their names write out their productivity and the amount of commission earned.

This sheet must then be pinned on the notice board.