Work Disputes


                                          RE: APPEAL

Thanks for your dated 05/09/2012. I will only addressed some few area of your letter as most of the details was just as expected.

I said during the appeal hearing that I felt that I have been unfairly treated by the company, for example, I asked you during one of our meeting that if you where aware that I was 2.1 business management degree holder, you said no, and I asked Cool   if he was aware I had a degree he. Said yes that he was told by Ken

I then questioned, why they Smity and Mike refuse to pass this information to the relevant department in the company (human resource) neither Kola or Fa was able to answer this question. Expectedly no attention has been paid this and you deliberately refuse to mentioned this topic in your writings, so I also raised this point during the appeal but there was no answer from yourself but Ken said I should have raised this concern before now. I could not because I wasn't even aware of this situation. This version was omitted from your final letter.

I think the reason why my boss did not notify HR of my degree was a deliberate act to deny me the opportunities to grow or apply for a more suitable job in the company with a brighter prospect to grow and earn more money.

I also mentioned the fact that I have not been given the same training like my colleagues. I mentioned the fact that I have not be trained for years for manual handling, drivers risk awareness training, Forklift or Manitue training and CP qualification training.

I do understand like you said in your letter that training is act of goodwill to your workers, but the question here is, why I am being singled out not to receive the goodwill gesture from the company even though you rightly   said under your equal opportunity booklet first paragraph that all employees and job applicant are treated equally and fairly regardless of race, sex colour, nationality, ethnic origin, belief etc.