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Executive summary

                          Employee welfare today has become a very controversial topic. It covers a very broad field. To being with, let us briefly discuss the main concepts or, rather, the general, meaning full ideas which have been evolved about it so far.

The term welfare suggest many ideas, meanings and connotations, such as the state of well-beillng, health, happiness, prosperity and the development of human resources. The concept of welfare can be approached from various angles. Welfare has been described as a total concept. It is a desirable state of existence involving for certain components of welfare, such a health, food, clothing, and housing, medical assitance, insurance, education, recreation,job security and so on.

  Definition of labor welfare:
Labor welfare has been defined in various ways, though unfortunately no single definition has found universal acceptance.

              “Efforts to make life worth living for worker”        
                                                                      The oxford dictionary
      “The voluntary effort of the employers to establish, within the existing industrial system, working and sometimes living and cultural conditions of the employees beyond what is required by law, the customs of the industry and the conditions of the market”

                                                          According to Encyclopedia of social sciences
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