Wise Jugdement

Wise Judgment Scenario

Tricia Henderson

  Teenage girls face social pressure on a continual basis. Many girls are pressured by their boyfriends into having sex before they are ready. But it is important to remember that the decision of having sex is not up to them. The decision to have sex for the first time is not something to rush into. Rushing into a decision like this could leave a girl regretting the experience for the rest of her life. Using wise judgment in this situation is extremely important. There are five components to wise judgment that will aid in the decision making process.
  The first component is, having the factual knowledge about matters of life. “This includes knowledge about human behavior, interpersonal relations, and social norms.” (Ch.4, pg.94.) Having knowledge of human nature encompasses different human characteristics, which could include ways of thinking, feeling, among other characteristics that naturally come to humans. Interpersonal relationships are simply associations between two or more people. Friendship, romantic relationships, and professional relationships are all examples of interpersonal relationships. Social norms simply refer to behavior in groups and societies. This component would have the teenager thinking of how society functions today. She will also reflect on her romantic relationship, and wonder if they are ready to take that huge step.
  Procedural knowledge is the second component of wise judgment. “This involves strategies for dealing with life’s problems and weighing goals, methods of handling conflict, and ways of offering advice.” (Ch.4, pg.94.) Problems in life can occur without warning, but there are strategies that can help to solve the problem. Practicing mindfulness and seeking social support are two ways of handling life’s problems. The method of weighing goals consists of breaking those goals down and noting the...