Why Are Some Countries Poor

Why are some countries poor

  What causes that some countries are poor, and some richer? Before I started over this issue further thought, I had a simple explanation for myself. People in rich countries, just work more. Of course, I took into account that there are other factors that play in favor of and against states, but to me they represented only some vague distant dot color.
  Now I circumstances (you) are forced from their original vision of that dot and put aside at least a bit closer, I might be surprised what all is hidden behind it.
Thus I begin to wonder what the majority of poor nations together.
  The first attacks me, of course geography. As part of the state are the general (and especially previously had) desert, water (the islands), or only barren mountain land, that State has a great chance to be poor. In the history of the advanced culture, which took care of moving humanity forward, always occurring somewhere where the good conditions for agriculture and thus meet basic human needs. Because people had something to eat, they began to devote to other activities than the mere breaking work in the field - for example, think about how your work more efficient, distribute or deal with it, thus would generate products other than "just" food. The march is obviously important to education because the increasing specialization of people in an activity requires special knowledge. With increasing work efficiency obviously increases the education, welfare and economy is going through this almost more of a pyramid game.
I try to clumsily describe what has already been written a thousand times - the development of society in good conditions.
  All States, unfortunately not lucky enough to stand on the roots of such developments - have fertile soil with a developed agriculture (or minerals for the sale of which benefits society as a whole, not one entity). People care mainly about food security for themselves and their families, leading to the...