Why Americans Should Not Have Credit Cards

Why most Americans should not have credit cards
Christopher Croke
May 31, 2011
University of Phoenix

Why most Americans should not have credit cards
Most people will argue that having credit cards are necessity, believing that without credit cards they could not live without them, that in fact they would not know how to get by without them. Now that might be true because they have never had to worry as of yet for the credit to be pushed the max, when going and opening a new account for some breathing room is no longer a viable option. Ladies and gentlemen this is where the fun ends and reality kicks into high gear, where words like bankruptcy, repossession, and default become words being thrown at you just as fast.
Let’s take this back to a more of a peaceful time when being an eighteen year old seemed to be a time of endless possibilities ans needing a way to finance this new venture out in a quickly changing world of plastic. This is a time where I believe we all remember how it all happened,( some sooner, some later) that first credit card came in, before the thoughts of do I even have a job is sometimes overlooked( as it was in my case ha ha) the credit limit seemed to disappear like magic trick. But that’s not half as bad of course of getting your first bill and relizing there is two options in your future, ask your parents or oh no getting a job! Now that you now get the swing of things or so you think all these deals, great money saving credit cards, lower APR, points towards vacations, Which you have had a job or a month or two, so of course you need a vacation too! Now om a serious note, there is going to be some serious money being spent before you relize how not ready you were not.
Now if you didn’t get hooked like I did above, you avoided your first pothole of life, but be sure there are always more to follow. The college years are another example of freedom with credit cards gone wild, credit card companies cannot seem to give enough...