Who Mad Me Who I Am

Who Made Me Who I Am
“You’ve got to try harder.” My mother has been telling me there words, or at least something like it, for as long as I can remember. My mom is the toughest person I have ever seen. She is straitlaced, but I know she is strict for my own good.
I know my mom is upset that my brother and I have never brought home a straight A report card. I remember coming home to find my report card with all A’s, B’s, and one C: that C bugged me mom and I could tell because she kept bringing it back up. My mom told me to try hard and do better next time. I never did. I feel bad for disappointing my mom but she knows I try my hardest; it just never seems to be good enough.
Something my mom passed down to me and my brother was her love and great taste in music—just like my dad. Their passion for music is shared with the whole family and I am extremely grateful for that. I will never forget singing along to songs on the radio with my dad or fighting ever the better band or song. Thanks to my parent’s I am quite educated in the music department.
My mother is extremely tough; the toughest person I know. She went through a divorce and had to deal with two kids on her own; and she made it look easy. I am super happy my mom has never given up on me like she has done with my brother in the past. She is always there, constantly making sure I am working hard, and now matter how annoyed I get with her,
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in the back of my mind I know she’s always right she sets boundaries because she cares and rules because she loves me. I am very grateful for her everyday. She teaches me something new all the time whether it’s the difference between right and wrong or haw to have a great time. I love my mom because she is one of a kind and all mine.