White by Law

What is Race? When some people use the "race" they attach a biological meaning, still others use "race" as a socially constructed concept.  It is clear that even though race does not have a biological meaning, it does have a social meaning which has been legally constructed. I define a "race" as a vast group of people loosely bound together by historically liable, socially significant elements of their ancestry. Races are social products. It follows that legal institutions and practices, as essential components of our highly legalized society, have had a hand in the construction of race. Throughout the history, race has been constructed by many branches of society that empowered the ideology of difference. Specifically, in law, race has been constructed the racial meaning between black and white, to maintain the white supremacy; which negatively impact the equality between students in classrooms in all educational institutions.
In our modern society, many people believe that they came to a conclusion to all their questions in life. Since the beginning of this country, the aspect of slavery was familiar to many but they never questioned its origin and how it impacted our life today.   Many scholars would feel it’s strange to question how the idea of racism spread through literature and it impacted our modern society. The idea of racism started in this country through many political and social aspects. From the lower to the higher Supreme Court ruling this country with many court cases, by applying the process of the racial ideology of difference.
Sadik 2
The United States could not have developed economically as a nation without enslaved African labor. When agriculture and industry began to grow in the colonial period, a tremendous labor shortage existed. Not enough white workers came from Europe and the European invaders could not put indigenous peoples to work in sufficient numbers. It was enslaved Africans who provided the labor force that made...