Where I Live

Where I live
I live in a small town called Portobello witch is now part of Edinburgh City, since 19th century. It's located three miles to the east of the city centre of Edinburgh, along the coast of the Firth of Forth. It's only 10 minutes away from busy streets of Scottish Capital City, if you use a car, but if you decide to take public transport such us Lothian Bus it can take up to 20 minutes at most. Portobello is a lovely, utterly charming, slightly wonky area of Edinburgh, characterised by the city's only beach and a very distinct, anti-corporate local community ethos. I imagine that all we need on bright, sunny day is sea and sand beach at footsteps. Just for a day at the beach it's great, it's clean and kinda gorgeous, even when the weather ain't.
It is now a suburb of Edinburgh, with a promenade fronting on to the wide sand beach. Formerly the holiday destination of most Central Belters, a lack of investments in recent years has left it's famous prom with a slight air of faded glamour, but not unpleasantly so. It's heyday as a resort was almost certainly in the late 19th century, and it was in slow decline throughout the 20th century. It's attraction was mainly limited to the inhabitants of Edinburgh, but some claim it was an attraction to Glaswegians, particularly when the Glasgow fair trade holiday signalled the start of a two week holiday for the west. It had evolved into an area of amusement arcades and some permanent funfair attractions in the past, but sadly from 80's onwards these also gradually disappeared and by the end of 20th century the Promenade had no attractions specific to it's seaside location, although the Tower Amusements and Fun City amusements arcades remain as the only seaside attractions to this day. But the beginning of the 21th century has seen a rapid revival of Portobello's fortunes. Perhaps helped by tourism and council initiatives, but also by a wealth of bottom-up community action, Portobello beach can be as crowded on a...