Whats in a Name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” – Juliet… sike – Shakespeare

If I quantified the amount of time that I spent thinking (or rather day dreaming) about the title of my blog I would a) reveal that I am a data tool, b) feel silly as there are many other more value added activities that I could have been engaging in and c) be tempted to create a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) on the strength of my final product.   This CBA would require assigning a value to my title… and then we might have to start my loop all over again.

First runner up:

While looking up Eleanor Roosevelt quotes, which I love, my friend sent me another which seemed fitting.   “There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one’s maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity.”   Buck Rodgers

And I thought – Rejecting Mediocrity!   Sounds intelligent, determined, a little pissed off, and (slightly) happily pretentious.   But I believe in the power of the words that we tell ourselves out loud or in the quiet seclusion of our mind.   My little voice doesn’t need a “Mediocrity” tape, even if it is preceded by “Rejecting”.

The winner:

Then I remembered a conversation with a friend at work which ended with me wondering – what if we told our munchkins (Kristina’s endearing term for children) to “go be amazing” when we are thinking go – fly a kite, take a hike, get lost, climb a tree, play in traffic… you get the idea.   ***I found after polling my friends that my parents may have been the only ones that said these things.   So if these are new terms, it’s not you, it’s me =)***   And then I thought, why start with telling our children – we need to tell ourselves!   If we are our own best coach, if we love ourselves first… we can give the best of what we’ve got.

It is so easy to take what we are given – things, expectations, constructs…...