What Is the Primary Purpose of a Nonprofit Board Ofdirectors?

Phyllis Russell
March 21, 2011

                                            President Leadership Style

Obama is deeply grounded in the best aspirations of this country, and we need to return to those aspirations.... He has risen with his honor, grace and civility intact. He has the intelligence to understand the grave economic and national security risks that face us, to listen to good advice and make careful decisions.   “When people think of leaders, they recall great historical figures (names) or they think of “big names” in the news, such as U, S, and President Barack Obama.pg4.
A leadership style that lacks confidence becomes wishy-washy and unfocused. But when a leader is confident then he will be passionate and that passion will carry him through the tough times. Passion is a characteristic of an effective leadership style that thrives in midst of controversy. His passion inspired so many of us to rise up from our "small" lives and join in the process. The thing outsiders missed was the spiritual/inspirational nature of the event.
For me personally, it was as if I had reclaimed a chunk of myself that had gone by the wayside (probably with the death of 9/11 conspiracy), mixed into the debris of a corrupted culture.

During the Great Depression and World War II, President Obama, with his serene confidence, in two short years has calmed the financial markets, rescued the car manufacturers, improved the economy, lowered the unemployment rate (a work in progress), passed national health care reform, and overall given Americans hope for the future.
  I say this Rome was not built in a day, nor can we expect any human to create miracles that is not in the natural course of the unnatural we all knew that our country was in really bad shape. When we elected him president, but we expected him to create miracles, we want him to clean up after another man’s mistake life is not like that. He has done a very good job in my eyes and until the...