What Is a Hero

What is a hero?

A hero is book. Pages in the book are securely binded together to the spine of the book.   Connected to the spine, like humans, is the body. It is the heart and soul of the book. It’ll stay binded together for ages until it wears out. Until that day, it’ll remain loyal to us. It’ll help learn about many different things from history to a simple moral. It is guaranteed to give you what you’re looking for if you put time and effort into it. It won’t ‘crash’ on you like a computer will. Instead it’ll stay up with you in the wee hours of the morning as you study for that big test tomorrow or relax yourself reading a romantic book.
Within some books, instead of books made for education, there are characters which help make up a story. Those characters running all throughout the pages of the book all have souls and minds just like us ordinary people, but they inspire us to do greater and better things by their choice of actions whether good or bad. They help us understand that our lives won’t always be like a fairy tale, but it’ll be just as good as we make it. Every little action plays a role in the big picture. It’s the books that help us realize that and motivate us to keep going even when our situation couldn’t be worse. You can only go up.
Eventually when the day comes that our book falls apart, the words we read will be forever in our head and heart. That’s what is so great about a hero. They all come and go due to us aging and growing out of a particular book. When were kids we chose fairytales but as we age we pick a romantic or historic book. We need books in our lives no matter what one we choose.