What Evidence Is There in the Extract Above of the Three Explanations for Chartism’s Support That You Learned About in Block 2 Unit 2, Making Sense of History, and Which, If Any, Is Stressed Most Strongly by the Speaker?

This essay will discuss the support for the Chartism drawing on both primary and secondary sources. The extract being discussed was taken from the Northern Star and was published on 6th July 1839.   The Northern Star newspaper was a Chartist supporting newspaper and as such is considered to be a primary source.   This essay will use the evidence from the extract to prove that there are three explanations for the growing support of the chartist movement; economic conditions, the need for a national political movement and a desire for an inclusive cultural community.
The economic situation in Great Britain between 1837 and 1842 was a time of great recession and so when the speech was given in 1839 Chartism was really being to flourish.   The speaker in the extract was addressing a mass meeting in the marketplace in York which was a city that was already supporting the Chartist movement due to the ‘old centres of decaying and contracting industry’ (Asa Briggs, secondary source 1, Resource Booklet 1 Open University, 2013 p50).   The destitute people listening to the unnamed speaker were supporting reform in the hope that this would bring in policies that would improve conditions for them.   The speaker uses descriptive language such as ‘ragged clothing’, ‘emaciated frames’ and ‘insufficiency of food to connect with crowd to show that he understand their situation and is trying to better it for them.
At the time that speech was made in 1839 the Chartist movement was trying to get support for ‘the Peoples Charter’. The national political movement was a key part of Chartism and linked in to the ‘popular radicalism’ which had developed in the preceding decades, the belief that political reform was the answer to the increasing poverty and destitution. The speaker tells the meeting that ‘not by bullet or steel, but by sound reasoning and undisputed facts’ he is telling the audience the Chartist movement is to be taken seriously and is has evidence and support for everything it...