What Does “Sh”E Really Mean

What Does She Really Mean
I still remember the essay that was assigned to my class in response to a patriotism campaign when I was in the third grade in elementary school. I got the highest score for maybe using the most adjectives describing what a great country China was, but the draft handed back to me was not enjoyable to see: every “it” as a pronoun referring to China in my essay was circled in red by my teacher, with only one short comment next to the score 98—“It should be a she. Grammatical mistake.”
That was when I began to sense the significance of gender pronouns. IOther than smearing my neat draft, gender pronouns seem to have much more functions than only referencing to people or animals with distinguishable sex. In Oxford Dictionary, one of the definitions of the word she as a pronoun is “THIRD PERSON SINGULAR; Used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified.” Another explanation is “Used to refer to a ship, vehicle, country, or other inanimate thing regarded as female.” However, both of the two definitions given by the dictionary are not accurate. S: she as a pronoun represents more than biological females, and it   it becomes a tool used to manipulate people’s feelings that and may lead to sexual discrimination when she it is used to refer to asexual objects.
The first definition of the pronoun she is too easy to understand: The first definition of the pronoun she is fundamental and primitive: pronoun that refers to people who show female characteristics biologically. When used, this definition usually isolates other sociological meanings, thus is seldom misused. when you mention a female person or animal again in a sentence, use she instead of the name already mentioned. It is seldom misused because normally we recognize the gender of a person or an animal easily. However, it is indeed troublesome when it does get misusedwrong to limit the pronoun she to a biological definition.   In the...