What Are the Possible Causes of Uncertainty About Identity in Contemporary Society?

What are the possible causes of uncertainty about identity   in contemporary society?

During the Industrial Revolution, the early and middle 19th Century (a particular time in history of economical uncertainty ) Karl Marx developed a class theory which grew out of industrial economic production as a source of power through which many British identified themselves.   He stated that there were two classes, the ruling class (capitalists) and the workers who were exploited by the Capitalists and that an individual’s identity was very much linked to which class he belonged.

Around   the First World War and with the development of the Service Industries Weber provided a much more complex explanation for a society which was becoming ever more complex   compared to Mark’s   two tiered society of capitalists and workers.   Weber gives more power to individual merit and a future based on terms of talent, regardless of class.   With beauty one may become an actress or a model.   With Speed one may become an athlete or a Soccer player. With intelligence one may become a lawyer or financial adviser.   These qualities and possibilities for success do not depend on which class we are born into.   Education opportunities are more widely available and   consequently more opportunities are available.     Furthermore,   an individual by becoming part of a group or party has more chance of success and can obtain a larger share of consumption i.e. (income).   So the dynamics of identity change during history.   Marxist theory of class distinction between production owners and workers becomes no longer a very good discussion as middle class society gains more potential based on access to education, health and merit. Identities   today are based much more on individual talents rather than an individual’s class.

How might economic structures (inequality, wealth, power, poverty and class) shape our identities?

Consumption as a source of identity (we can buy our identity off the shelf)

Class in...