West Point Wkshp

Guktae An
Reflection on SCUSA
            My experience at the Student Conference on United States Affairs at West Point was that of acquiring new information and building friendship among diverse group of college friends. My personal round table was the Middle East Gulf States. It was a topic I wasn’t too familiar with, but I prepared myself for the discussions. The time at the conference brought many emotions, but also new understandings. From just being at a military academy to attending panels on United States policies and challenges, I was exposed to the array of challenges and seriousness of a civil military relationship.
            The conference was first that of a culture shock. I learned about the many of the rules and regulations that play a large role in the military’s disciplinary field. Waking up early, dining, and conversing with the military cadets helped me understand more of the mindset behind their actions. During the program, I’ve seen many cadets waiting for orders or stepping up when no one volunteered to take initiative to get things done. The cadets had to train under a rigorous program involving physical challenges as well as academic hardships. I believe all of these activities facilitated in building a serious and focus oriented military academy.
            At the conference, I was given the opportunity to acquaintance many students and cadets, but also, listen to the words of world renown leaders. Many of the conference speakers would not the significance of this conference because different professions interact together to solve new challenges of the US foreign affairs. World politics, economy, and culture are changing and current issues cannot be fixed by just an old mindset. Moreover, this conference was re-emphasized the importance of building a civil military relationship. These were the messages given by the Keynote speaker, Ambassador Zalmay Kahalizad.
            In my Middle East Gulf States group, we...