Week One Dq

Week One Discussion Questions

• How is marketing management both an art and a science? What marketing challenges and opportunities do businesses face today? 200 words or more

Marketing Management can be both and art and a science because it can help management teams with guiding them as well as providing specific principles in how to proceed in their professional effort with an organization .When looking at the art of marketing management we want to look at specific ways that we can deal with a situation in the most effective way. The art and science go very well together when it comes to marketing management as they both complete the whole subject.
The science of marketing management would involve how well you know your clients and how you are able to sell your product effectively without having to interact much.

There are many challenges and opportunities when It comes to marketing. The biggest challenge is being, and remaining, relevant to their consumers. Due to the economical crisis that we are currently in we can see how it has affected marketing for many organizations. People try to budget a lot therefore might go with different companies just because of their products being cheaper or advertising cheaper services. If the marketing of an organization does not show the consumers how different and better they are compared to their competition, the consumers will change companies very quickly. One of the biggest challenges companies face today is being able to differentiate. Due to the big amount of products and services available, it is harder for companies to identify themselves as different and unique.