Week 8

Final Assignment pg.1

                                                              WEEK 9 FINAL EXAM

Final Assignment pg.2

            I have learned through out the last nine weeks that a code of ethics plays a very important role in who we are and in how society perceives us. Professional ethics are are applied ethics of certain professions or groups. In the criminal justice field, I learned that most professionals in this field exhibit many of the same professional ethics. They also seem to share many of the same subculture characteristics as well. Those in criminal justice career are challenged to uphold the law and set aside some of their personal ethics to do so. I however have my own personal code of ethics that I live by.
          I have learned that officers of the law and correctional officers are often expected to stand by one another no matter what and protect each other as a tight knit brotherhood. No criminal or outsider should ever come between them. It goes deeper than that as well. Attorneys are willing to certain testimonies slide in court and even allow false evidence to be admitted into a trial just to see a criminal be brought to justice. Then there are judges out there that are allowing high class celebrities commit crime after crime and walk away with minimal punishment. As of yesterday one particular celebrity, Lindsey Lohan, that has had more than her fair share of legal problems was just released form a jail when her sentence was 120 days. She served one and now out on bail, again. Does this mean money can buy freedom? From the outside looking in, it looks like criminals are being released by other criminals. I do realize that not all people in the criminal justice field share these same ethical codes but it is hard to find a single professional that is going to stand against his or her fellow brothers and sisters knowing that there is ridicule and...