Week 6

Week Two Team A Reflection
Angela Baines, Agata Dziemianczk, Ellekia Estridge, Jamesetta Karnwie, Angela Brown-Vann
Professor Mary Jo Payne
October 12, 2014

In this week’s assignment Team A has been given the task of discussing the principles and strategies of a small business, a medium business, and a large business in regard to each business operating in compliance with state and country laws.   In every business whether expanding to another state or country it is important for each company to comply with the rules and regulations of the company’s state and country laws.   In the paper we will assist our clients in
  *   Landslide Limousines (opening of a small limousine service)
  * Clapton Commercial Construction( business expansion into another Arizona)
  * Bollman Hotel Chains ( plans to enter into international market, India)
Clapton Commercial Construction Co.
Clapton Commercial Construction is looking to expand into the state of Arizona.   The company is currently located and Detroit, Michigan, and employees 650 employees.   By expanding to the state of Arizona the company is looking to increase its numbers by 20%.   In order to prepare for the expansion the company must be aware of and comply with the labor and employment laws for the state of Arizona.
Many of the federal employment laws can apply to states.   An example is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies to all states but the amounts differ from state to state.   The difference is based upon the cost of living for that state.   The federal minimum wage rate is $7.25 and the state of Arizona minimum wage rate is $7.35.  
All construction companies, Clapton Commercial Company included, must be knowledgeable and obey the safety and labor laws.   Safety and labor laws are essential to staying compliant with state and federal law regulations not knowing or following these laws will put the company at risks of heavy fines and penalties, work shut down or license or permit suspension.   I...