Week 2

Performing business research requires a number of elements, an Issue to address by the research, a purpose statement for the research, determining a research design, and a sample design. The next step would be collection of data, analysis of the data, and reconstructing the theory. Members of Team A met to conduct a research about the Toyota recall on eight million of their known cars because of a quality assurance. Members of team A will determine the research design, research questions, and sample design.
The first Toyota vehicle was born in 1867 by Sakichi Toyoda, who continued improving it until the AA Sedan was completed in 1936. After that in 1937 Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. Was established kept moving forward until 1950 when it faced a financial crisis, and Toyota Motor Sales Co. Ltd. Was established. In 1982 Toyota Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Sales Co. merged forming Toyota Motor Corporation. The company joined ventures with General Motors in 1984, and production began in the U.S.A.

Business Research Plan
Objectives of the research plan:
  * Identify the reason the defect in the vehicles was not detected.
  * To regain 100% customer satisfaction, that would be measured through the survey.
  * To regain loyalty and trust of the customers, by identifying their expectations through our research.
  * To achieve and surpass the industry average Toyota Motor Corporation was at before the recall.
To achieve these goals team A will carry out a research plan on Toyota Motor Corporation, addressing the quality assurance crisis that required the recall of eight million of its cars. This plan will consist of:
  * The research questions that target the issue researched.
  * Identification of a sample and population from Toyota Motor Corporation that consists of its new, existing, and previous customers.
  * A description of the ways to choose and access the customers.
  * Determine a process to collect the data.
  * Determine a format for...