Week 2 Ldr/3531


Leadership in Organizations
To truly understand a leadership approach one must understand the fundamental
importance of the leadership. The term “leadership” defined as the ability one has to influence,
or guide others to accomplish the tasking in the manner aspiration by the providing purpose,
direction, and motivation (Yukl, 2010, p. 2).   This paper will detail in detail a behavior approach
that in prominent in military organizations today. Additionally, explain the strengths and
weaknesses of the behavior leadership approach.
Behavior Approach
Behavior approach leadership are the actions that dictate what type of leader he or she
will be as well as his or her respective style of guidance.   According to Yukl (2010) behavior
leadership approach research began in 1950’safter the dissatisfaction of the research results for
trait leadership approach (p. 54). The hypothesis of behavior leadership approach was that the
behaviors demonstrated by leaders outweigh physical, mental or emotion traits (Yukl, 2010, p.
54). The studies revealed most of the behavior approach focuses on two areas of concern:
decision-making style and task versus social focus.  
According to Yukl (2010) Ohio State and Michigan State studies generated two
questionnaires that revealed decision-making approach that identify behavior and effectiveness
of leaders (p. 54). The two questionnaires are LOQ (Leader opinion questionnaire) completed by
leaders and LBDQ (Leader behavior descriptive questionnaire) completed by employees (Yukl,
2010, p. 55). The Ohio State studies revealed two concepts of behavior in leadership ability and
effectiveness. First, the decision-making...