Week 1

Recruitment and Selection Strategies
Joey Griffith
Human Resource Capital Management
February 2nd, 2015
Dr. Catherine Burr

Recruitment and Selection Strategies
Clapton Construction Company will need a few things to go right to get the best employees that will help the company be successful in the state of Arizona.   These things that are following this will help in every aspect of getting the right employees working for the company and keeping the company successful from the beginning
Organizational Goals
The Clapton Construction Company has decided that it would like to expand the business.   The company has decided that it would like to set up a shop in the Arizona area and expand the personnel as well.   The main goal for the Clapton Construction Company is to be successful in the new state and be competitive with the prices and quality of work with all the other construction companies in that area.   The company plans to add more employees into the company as well, so Clapton Construction wants to set a goal in place to obtain the best construction workers that Arizona has.   Another goal for the Clapton Construction Company is to have a great customer satisfaction percentage and keep all people involved with the company as happy as possible.
Over the next five years will be very important for the construction company.   The company will have to build a strong work force and be flexible with the customers and respectful to the customers.   Also the Clapton Construction Company will need to build a clientele so that the company can continue to get work and make profits for the company to achieve all the goals that are set by the company.   Clapton Construction has to reach out to the community and make they noticed and available.   The Clapton Construction will have to reach out and build trust with the people in the community so that the community will want to work with them in building the dreams of individuals.   With being involved in the...